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Do you have a person spreading negativity?

Are they also failing to meet your expectations? Their behaviour putting you in awkward situations with clients and other staff.

You’ve raised points with her in the past, but nothing seems to be changing. In fact, it’s just getting worse. She’s insinuated she’s prepared to leave by verbally suggesting a ‘parting of ways’. But she won’t hand in her notice?!

Now what?

I know. All you want to do is say : Sorry, your services are no longer needed. Collect your stuff, you’ll be paid your notice. Then escort her out?

Is that what you’re thinking of doing?

My advice: Be careful.

Keep it together. Best thing to do is take control of the situation.

She’s suggested the ‘parting of ways’, and she’s not giving notice, because she’s hoping for a pay-out. So, pay her out. Get rid of the problem once and for all.

If you decide to go in that direction, you can seal the deal with a record of settlement (exit agreement). This way you can stop her from raising a future grievance and stop her from making any public negative comments about the company.

The problem just goes away, albeit at a (controlled) cost.

If you do this, you also keep control of the timing. If you wait for her to resign, she controls the timing and continues to be negative with clients and staff.


You start the process for poor performance/behaviour. It’s the long and slow way. She’ll keep misbehaving and performing below standard, giving you more than enough opportunity to work the process.

Whatever you do, act now. Every minute you wait just makes the situation drag on longer.

Restructuring a business can be a challenge as the whole process needs to be coordinated to ensure compliance to the ever evolving HR space. Melony provided a coordinated and structured approach. I really liked that she was timely about the delivery of agreed outcomes whether it was documentation or scheduling follow up meetings. Good outcome. No PG's lodged either during or after the process.
Steve, Business Owner
86 Employees

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