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Consultation can be such a pain.

Once you have that first ‘your job is at risk’ meeting with your employee, you might get stuck in awkward limbo for the next few days of consultation. By that time your employee knows their job may well go, and they will be angry or upset.

How do you handle this so there’s less discomfort all around?

You wanna see if you can give your employee some time away from work. But be careful, because you don’t want them to think you’ve sent them home because you already decided the outcome of consultation.

Do this:

At the meeting, tell the employee to go home and think about the situation (not to be confused with forcing them to stay home!!!). Tell them they can choose to stay home to reflect until t’s time for the feedback meeting (in 2 or 3 days). Make it paid ‘special leave’. If work needs to be covered, then treat it like you would any holiday cover, but don’t reallocate work officially until it’s all done and dusted.

By doing this, you can also prove that they’ve had enough time to think about the proposal, before they need to give feedback.

Best get on with it. No one, including you, can make a move until the process is done.


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