When making a person redundant, it’s essential that you not only handle it sensitively, but also legally.


If you don’t follow the right process you can be up for a personal grievance.


The details matter.


Like when selecting candidates for redundancy, it must be carried out transparently. And it can’t, in an obvious way, have anything to do with their performance.


Also, the concept of ‘last in first out’ may not apply to your situation. Having a ‘good reason’ for redundancies is crucial, so there must be a solid and legitimate business case. (HRLADY_RedundancyBusinessCaseChecklist)


And what happens when consultation gets awkward?


And, if the employee leaves under a cloud, and they feel angry, their next stop is the lawyer’s office. Just a whiff of irregularity is all they need to accuse you of having ulterior motives for the redundancy.


If they suspect it’s not legit, the chance of a Personal Grievance quadruples.


If that happens, and you are accused of an unfair dismissal, can you prove that all your steps were legally correct?


Do you know exactly what constitutes a genuine redundancy?


Employers must follow strict steps to follow the laws to make a person redundant. Do you know all the steps to avoid breaking the law?


Fact 1: Most employers don’t know all the steps and rules

Fact 2: Many employers have a performance problem mixed in with the redundancy process.


I specialise in tricky redundancies. The rules become even more important when there are these extra problems. If you need to make a poor performer redundant, for good reasons, its much more important to follow the right steps, carefully.


I can help you with that.


Call me if you need some help with your (tricky) redundancy.


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I can answer a quick question, or meet to discuss your situation, in depth.


Here are some areas I can help:


  • Review the situation for a valid redundancy¬†
  • Run the process, end to end, with all letters, meetings and questions
  • Deal with pushy, aggressive representatives


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Restructuring a business can be a challenge as the whole process needs to be coordinated to ensure compliance to the ever evolving HR space. Melony provided a coordinated and structured approach. I really liked that she was timely about the delivery of agreed outcomes whether it was documentation or scheduling follow up meetings. Good outcome. No PG's lodged either during or after the process.

Steve, Senior Manager, 86 Employees

Melony is knowledgeable with Employment Law. Before calling her I felt unsure, but afterwards I felt confident. She structured everything, and resolved my employee problem. I would recommend her.

Ian, Supervisor, 7 employees

Melony did my redundancy. She was to the point, and I liked that most. She gave me confidence and a better understanding. She gave me a 'birds eye view' of all the drivers, and she guided me through the process. It was a fair outcome.

Kamlesh, Engineer/Manager, 11 employees

Our HR case was difficult. For Melony it was all in a day's work. She brought structure to the investigation, and not only did she make sure the process was followed, she made sure we knew the laws. Her clear understanding made sure we got a good result.

Karl, Senior Manager, 156 employees

Melony is a great help, someone that you can rely on when you really need her. Her time management skills means that although she has a lot on her plate she always has time to 'fit us in'. She took the bull by the horns on a recent HR issue we had. She did a lot of the background work for us and gathered the facts.

Bill, Business Owner, 34 employees

We had performance and discipline issues. Melony's service was professional, hassle free and there were no further issues from the staff member. She is methodical and can get the job done at the earliest possible time. I knew she would sort it out.

Lakhmi, Business Unit Manager, 67 Employees

Melony helped with my performance management process. She provided conscientious, detailed and helpful advice. She was available for support and consultation throughout. Afterwards I had a satisfactory outcome for my business and a good understanding of the process for dealing with similar issues in the future.

Nick, Business Owner, 8 employees

I would recommend Melony for her expertise, experience and approachable manner. She is helpful and always delivers on her promises.

Tony, Project Manager, 22 Employees