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Need to make someone redundant?

When making a person redundant, it’s essential that you not only handle it sensitively, but also legally.

If you don’t follow the right process, you can be up for personal grievance.

The details matter.

Like when selecting candidates for redundancy it must be carried out objectively and can’t be related to their performance. The concept of ‘last in, first out’ may not apply anymore. Having a good reason for the redundancy is crucial, there must be a legitimate business plan proposal.

And, if the employee leaves under a cloud, and they feel angry, their next port of call is often the lawyer’s office. Even a whiff of suspicious that they are being made redundant because they did something wrong, or for poor performance, will increase the chances of a PG.

If that happens, and you get a personal grievance for unfair dismissal, can you prove that every step you took was legally correct?

Do you know exactly what constitutes a genuine redundancy?

Employers must follow strict steps to adhere to laws to make an employee redundant. Do you know all the steps to avoid breaking the law?

Firstly, most employer don’t know all the steps.

Secondly, many employers have a combination of redundancy and poor performers.

I specialise in these tricky restructures, where the rules become even more important. If you need to make a poor performer redundant, for good reasons, then I may be able to help.

Call me if you have a quick question, or set up a free first meeting, to explore the situation in depth.


  • a review of the situation to assess for a valid redundancy

  • select the right people to be included in the process

  • create the business reason and proposal

  • run the process, hands on, end-to-end

  • Deal with pushy or aggressive representatives


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Restructuring a business can be a challenge as the whole process needs to be coordinated to ensure compliance to the ever evolving HR space. Melony provided a coordinated and structured approach. I really liked that she was timely about the delivery of agreed outcomes whether it was documentation or scheduling follow up meetings. Good outcome. No PG's lodged either during or after the process.
Steve, Business Owner
86 Employees