3 options when staff ignore the notice period

When an employee resigns and gives short notice instead of the period stated in the agreement, what are your options?   Can they just ignore the agreement? Can they just do this without consequences?   On the flip side, if you tried to cut their notice short, you’d have a personal grievance in your inbox in a palpitating second. This is always a disappointing and frustrating situation for employers.   You are right!   They’ve breached the agreement. But, if you make a big deal about it, you end up with a disgruntled employee in your business for the full notice period! They can get up to all sorts of mischief in the remaining weeks!   So, what can you do with this tricky situation?   Your 3 response options:   Friendly – Grab the agreement and check all the clauses about termination and notice. Make sure you are 100% right about the period of notice. Then have a friendly conversation (or as...

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