Trial Period

Is the trial period valid if the agreement is missing?

Have you managed to employ a slacker? Are they still in their trial period?   Yes?   But, have you misplaced the signed employment agreement?   Oh no.   Now what?   Recently I had this question:   A month ago, we employed a new guy, a young trainee. The first week he was sick on the Friday and the following week he missed a day. Last week Wednesday he left in the middle of the day and didn't come back, he just disappeared. He wasn't at work on Thursday or Friday, because he had some kind of domestic issue with his girlfriend.(Sigh)   Yesterday (Monday) one of your employees saw him shopping, and he said he had just moved to a new house. And then today he is not in, and said he'd be in tomorrow. (Sigh!!)   We have him under a trial period, but I can’t find a copy of the signed agreement. I know he signed it, but I can’t find it.   Can...

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