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Melony lowe

Employment Law Advisor


Jan 2014 - Present

HRLADY - Director

I help small and medium sized business managers deal with difficult work situations and people, by applying legally compliant HR and ER process. This reduces the hassle, uncertainty and time involved in completing the process. It saves on stress and money too. I work hands on, or behind the scenes.

Jul 2011 - Jan 2014

Electrix - National HR Manager

I was responsible for over 1000 staff and 120+ managers and supervisors, in 18 locations in New Zealand. I helped them deal with everyday HR and ER problems and issues.

This is where I really honed my skills. I did everything from hiring, firing and everything in between and beyond.

May 2008 - Jun 2011

Electrix - National HR Coordinator

My biggest achievement, over and above the daily grind, was the recruitment and relocation of over 60 people from Philippines, UK and South Africa, to the lovely land of Kiwi.

About Me

My background is not traditional HR. I think this makes me a much better practitioner, because I’ve worked in finance (so I understand that business must make money), contracts (which is where I first discovered a love of the legal word), and payroll. More recently, working for myself has really made the biggest difference, because I know what most business owners are up against. Most regular HR people lack this knowledge, and it makes them less focused on the bigger picture.



BA Industrial Psychology & Communications

2008 - 2013

New Zealand Employment Law

Collective Bargaining

Situational Leadership

Procedural Fairness

Human Resources Institute of NZ

2008 - 2013

Employment Law Institute of NZ


Employment Law
Performance & Behaviour Management
Recruitment & Onboarding
Avoiding PG's
Defending PG's


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  • 022 475 2390

Dealing with difficult, tricky employment situations takes skill. I have the skills to get the job done. It’s taken years to learn my trade, and I progressed from doing ‘regular’ HR to specialising in Employment Relations. Now I only do the ‘legal’ stuff.

My job is to solve problems and avoid litigation, and to lower stress levels. 

People like me normally work in large companies, with deep pockets. When you hire me, you gain access to my expertise, at an affordable rate. Real value for money.

New Zealand employment law can be confusing. I try to cut through the jargon to explain things in a practical and easy-to-understand way. I don’t charge ‘lawyer’ fees, and I am approachable.

Regardless of your situation, I am sure I can help. I can be a trusting and steady soundboard, but better yet, I can take all the steps with you, end to end.

We contacted Melony to help us with a sensitive employment situation that needed to be handled in a professional way. We just didn't want to be exposed to the risk of an unjustified dismissal claim. Those can be crippling to a small business like ours. Melony helped us in a relaxed, friendly and professional way. She took us through all our options, and then we reached a successful outcome, for everyone. We had a course of action in mind that would have caused everyone a lot of stress. With Melony's help we avoided all that.I strongly recommend Melony/HRLADY.
John, Business Owner
5 Employees