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As an HR professional, I provide hands-on support, coaching and advice on employment-related issues. I help employers and employees.


I have over 15 years’ experience. An extra bonus? I am qualified in the application of New Zealand employment law.  You’ll find me approachable and great value.

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Case Management


I can represent you to tackle issues with your employer including personal grievances, exit packages and changes to employment contracts.




I can help you learn essential skills to either overcome a difficult workplace issue or reach for your dreams.




I can provide one-off guidance on work-related matters such as an employment contract or writing a letter.


During my process, the biggest benefits of HR Lady was that I got closure, can help the next person, and have a (positive) explanation for future employers. Melony’s strengths were being conscious of my mentality, considering my opinions, giving me my options. Through this process, I always felt informed and well advised, and therefore confident. HR Lady is a great service, with the right skills and experience.


HR Lady’s online ad was more welcoming than others – non-lawyer based was non-threatening. Melony provided clarity, excellent communication and a weight off my shoulders. Unlike my knowledge of lawyers, Melony provided clarity to the point, clear and reasonable costs. This all resulted well for me financially. I will definitely be using HR Lady in the future. Thank you for your service – a breath of fresh air, and a situation handled perfectly.


Restructure exit

For the first time in my career I had a very real problem at work, I had no idea where to go or what do to. I found HR lady online, and was so impressed with the quick response to my initial email. I was already feeling very anxious about everything, and after one phone call, I was so relieved and happy that there was a pathway forward, and I wasn't alone. From the beginning to the end, Melony supported me both face to face, on the phone and via email. If it hadn't been for her positive approach, I honestly don't think I would have been able to go through this process. Whilst nobody wants to have issues at work, the experience I had with Melony was highly professional, supportive and encouraging, which enabled me to go through this process with confidence. Without a doubt I highly recommend Melony to anybody who is having employment problems, which require external intervention. You won't regret it.


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It became clear during the complaint process that I needed specialist help… Melony was responsive, professional, diligent, comprehensive and covered all bases. I was consulted and kept informed at all times. HR Lady helped me to retain my job and maintain my professional reputation. I would absolutely recommend Melony; the results speak for themselves.


Thank you so much for everything over the past 3 months – couldn’t have done it without your knowledge and constant support! Excited to have a little extra spending money for my holiday 😉 Thank you again for everything.


When I began my disciplinary process, I was uncertain and unsure about what I had done wrong. After talking to Melony, I was very clear about what I had done that caused concern about my behaviour. I benefitted by my visit with Melony, and appreciate her down to earth approach, clarity, and frankness. The result meant I did not damage my relationship with my employer permanently; I would recommend HR Lady.


Coaching during discipline process

Melony discussed all options available, and outlined the best solution for me. I was really comfortable sorting the issue through HR Lady. The main benefits I received was a very reasonable redundancy package, and reasonable charges. Melony was very easy to deal with and contact, and was tough with negotiations, and used strong negotiations with the company. I received genuine and practical advice in our first free consultation, highlighting her thorough knowledge about HR and legal procedures.


Exit negotiation